How do I look after my paint brush?Paint brushes are a valuable tool and cleaning them correctly means that you will be able to use them for many painting projects. Here are some steps to help achieve this:
  • Know what works best for the paint that you are using. Water based paints clean fine with water, Oil based paints require Turps or paint thinners.
  • Take time to clean brush properly, don’t just leave them soaking and walk away to start a new job. The cleaning of paint brushes is time consuming but well worth the reward when you want to paint again at a later stage.
  • Brushes are easier to clean when the paint is wet, scrape the excess paint off and start to clean.
  • A paint comb can help to remove heavy paint build-up and speed the wash and rinse process.
  • Finally dry the brushes properly, the best way is to hang them to dry
Why is my paint flaking?If paint is applied to a moist or excessively hot surface, or where an inferior coating has been unevenly applied, flaking can result. The only solution is the remove the flaking paint and repaint surface. Do not paint during early morning or in direct sunlight.
Why is my paint peeling?Paint peeling from the surface is usually caused by painting over a surface that is too hard, smooth, glossy or chalky. The solution is to remove the paint and allow the surface to dry before repainting, if surface is hard, smooth or glossy, it should be rubbed down with sandpaper to provide a rougher surface for the new paint to adhere to.
How do I paint a smoke stained surface?Firstly, the surface needs to be cleaned, by using either Sugar Soap and a sponge or soft cloth, working from the bottom of the wall up. Allow a few minutes for the Sugar Soap to penetrate the stain and then thoroughly rinse with clean water. If surface is badly stained this process may need to be repeated. Allow the surface to dry then apply a stain sealer to the surface, one coat is usually sufficient to block most stains, but if staining is severe then two coats of stain sealer may be required. Once completely dry – either a water based or oil based top coat can be applied.
Should I stir paint before I use it?Yes, absolutely. Always stir the paint. There could be a situation when the tinter hasn't been dispersed totally into the paint. It will result in painting on a wrong colour or having tinter streaks on your walls. Paint Place stores sell special paint stirrer, use it in a vertical motion, like mashing potatoes until you are satisfied there aren't any drops of tinter visible.
What are the basic painting supplies?
  1. Sugar Soap or heavy duty cleaner
  2. Filler and blade for holes and gaps, especially nail holes, chips, dent etc
  3. Sandpaper and sanding block for smoothing filled surfaces
  4. Dust mask to use when sanding
  5. Safety goggles to use when painting
  6. Brushes, paint roller, paint roller tray and extension pole
  7. Low tack masking tape
  8. Paint stirrer and drop sheets
  9. Paint

This list creates the basic requirements for your painting project.

How do I clean up a paint spill on my carpet?First, contain the spill from spreading. Scrape up as much paint as possible, working from the outside of the spill inwards to help prevent further spreading. Kitty litter can also be used to soak up paint. Most water based paints can be washed out of carpet so long as it is attended to immediately and the paint stains are kept wet. Rinse the affected areas immediately with water, sponge out and rinse with clean water.